Everyone knows it’s important to take good care of your body, but what about your brain? Similar to how people combat age, disease, and injury with physical activities, there are exercises you can do to keep your mind sharp and your memory keen.

If you experience brain fogs, here are three ways you give your brain an extra boost of power.

Learn a New Skill

Think of a hobby you want to pick up and commit to doing it this summer. According to CCSU, acquiring new skills can improve your performance on a number of tasks and increase your learning speed. These things can help fight brain-damaging diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s later on in life. So whether it’s knitting a baby blanket, surfing near Huntington, or studying a foreign language, learning a new skill will help your brain in many ways.

Play or Listen to Music

Music, it has been said, nourishes the soul. Playing an instrument has a variety of brain benefits: it increases your blood flow, strengthens your brain’s executive function, and allows you to process multiple things at once. For our friends who can’t pick out notes, let alone play an instrument, all hope is not lost. Simply listening to upbeat music can increase your brain creativity and boost your brainpower. So if you’re stuck in a dilemma, consider cranking up some positive tunes and let the creativity flow.


Approximately 200 to 500 people meditate regularly. Meditation can calm your mind, promote emotional health, AND stimulate brain activity. In fact, UCLA scientists found that those who meditate have a larger brain volume than those who do not. It makes sense; your brain is like a muscle, and meditation is mental exercise. The more you take time to focus, think, and concentrate, the more you are helping your brain!

With school out and longer days, consider spending more time focusing on your brain health. Learn a new skill, play or listen to music, and practice meditating. Doing so will help you stimulate your brain and improve its strength.