Although many things have slowed down during this pandemic, moving rates have picked up! Over 15.9 million people moved during 2020. Southern California, especially, is a hot spot for moving right now. You might be one of the many facing the exciting yet daunting endeavor of moving during COVID-19.

It is important to understand that moving during COVID-19 is a bit different from moving at other times. If you are planning on moving during COVID-19, consider doing these three things.

Find an Apartment Virtually

Since in-person encounters increase the chance of spreading COVID-19, it is a good idea to choose virtual options whenever possible. For example, instead of searching for apartments in person, search them online and see if they offer virtual tours. Communicate via the internet or phone with property managers about prospective apartments. If there is no way around meeting someone in person, make sure you follow social distancing and safety guidelines. 

Limit Face-to-Face Interactions

Not only should you consider seeking out virtual tours, but you should also limit personal contact and exposure for all other interactions in the moving process. Try to get a virtual moving quote and to stay socially distanced during inspections and repairs. If you have free time, consider doing some of the needed repairs yourself. These are small changes to typical moving processes that will protect you and others from exposure to COVID-19.

Recognize That Moving Processes Are Different

In addition to the changes in preparing to move, there might also be some differences on moving day. Moving companies, like most businesses, might have certain protocols and regulations during the pandemic, so it is important to contact the movers and discuss how the move will go. If they don’t bring it up, it is a good idea to ask what precautions they are taking to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Communicate clearly with your movers to make sure you are all on the same page for the move.

Southern California is a hot spot for moving right now, and if Summerwood Apartment Homes will be your new home, we are excited to welcome you. But wherever you are moving to or from, keep these three points in mind so that you can prepare for the changes that have come with moving during COVID-19.