How are your 2021 New Year goals coming along? If you are still going strong, good for you! If you didn’t set any, it’s not too late. Now is the perfect time to evaluate your life and what you would like to accomplish. Setting goals can be a tricky task, so our staff here at Summerwood Apartment Homes has put together these tips to help you set realistic and attainable goals. 

Focus on Your Passions

What happens when you set a goal you don’t care about? You may never complete your goal. For example, maybe you know that eating three cups of spinach per day is good for you, but you can’t fathom the taste. You set a goal to eat spinach every day, but ultimately, your taste buds win, and you opt out of your goal.

The way to avoid this from happening is to focus on your passions and what you enjoy. According to GoalsOnTrack, “Passion is essential for long-term success and overall happiness.” By doing what you love, you will more likely enjoy the process of completing your goal, which will help you reach the finish line. This means that if you hate spinach but love carrots, make a goal to eat three cups of carrots per day. You’ll be amazing at how much easier it is to fulfill your goal! 

Share Your Goals

It’s easier to hold yourself accountable when others are involved. In one study published in Translational Behavioral Medicine, researchers examined how social networking can help increase weight loss. Among a group of overweight individuals, those who shared pictures on Twitter lost more weight than those who did not. This is because the individuals were able to provide updates and share words of encouragement over social media. 

When setting your goals, consider telling someone about your plans! If your social media following is too large or you want to keep your goal private, tell a trustworthy friend, coworker, or family member. Encourage that individual to keep tabs on your progress and send them regular updates. 

Choose How You Will Track Your Progress

During your goal-setting process, decide how you will track your progress. Then commit yourself to continually measure your growth and evaluate what you can do better to succeed. Here are a few ways to document your progress:

  • Use a calendar: Calendars are perfect for tracking many successes. If your goal is to run a mile in eight minutes, and you ran it in nine minutes last Tuesday, make a note on that day on your calendar. Continue to record your efforts and give yourself credit for the progress you make each week.
  • Write in your diary: Some goals require more concentration, effort, and drive than others. For these types of goals, it is great to record your progress in a diary. Doing so ensures you have enough space to track your progress and write about your efforts in detail.
  • Make to-do lists: Some people love the thrill of checking off tasks on to-do lists and gain more encouragement from doing so. If that describes you, this may be the best method to track your goals!
  • Utilize tracking apps: There are so many apps available to help you track your growth. Here are seven recommendations. Check them out!

By deciding on how you will monitor yourself early on, it will be easy to get into the swing of things once you start working on your goal.

If you are late to the goal-setting game, don’t stress! Now is the time to make goals for your future. When setting goals, don’t forget about our three tips: focus on your passions, share your plans with others, and choose how you will monitor your achievements. These three tips can positively contribute to your long-term success. Happy goal setting!