Like they say, a family that plays together . . .  

These have been crazy times for all of us. But the good news is that there is still plenty of time for meaningful family moments. When you find yourself at home with nothing to do, here are three unique and cheap activities for a fun family night. 

1. Pool Games

The resort-style pool here at Summerwood Apartments is the perfect place to enjoy the fantastic southern California sunshine with your family. Grab a waterproof volleyball, football, or basketball and set up teams. Or set up a water version of Horse or Lightning.  

For your stronger swimmers, try the Invisible Bottle Challenge. Fill a two-liter bottle with water. (try to find a bottle with a light-colored cap) and arrange players on opposite sides of the pool. Toss the bottle into the center of the pool. The filled bottle is almost invisible underwater.  

When players hear the splash, the search begins! 

2. Phone Scavenger Hunt 

These days, over half (53 percent) of young people have cell phones by age 11. Why not use their smartphones for a round of phone scavenger hunt! There are many versions of this game on Pinterest, so download your favorite. If you are using the outdoor scavenger hunt list, be sure to set some specific parameters and set up partners for everyone. 

3. Video Diary Beach-Style

Pack up your basket of cold drinks and snacks and spend the afternoon on the beach. But along with having fun in the sun, pack a camcorder and take videos of your activities. Then take individual family members aside and film them answering questions about how they are feeling during this time, what activities they’ve enjoyed, what they have learned about themselves and their family members, etc. These are extraordinary, historical times. Why not take a moment to record your thoughts about how each of you coped with these events and talk about ways it has strengthened and challenged relationships?

The time we spend together with our family and friends are moments to cherish. Although our choices of activities around town may be limited, that doesn’t mean we can’t create meaningful memories as a family through fun family activities in the pool, in our community, or at the beach.