Ah, summer in Southern California. Is there even a better season? Tart acai bowls, the smell of sticky sunscreen, and salty hair all sound about right. If you haven’t made a trip down to Sunset Beach this summer, the ocean breeze is calling your name!

Pick a day, pack healthy snacks, and bring your roomies for some fun in the sun. Here are four beach games to keep you and your roomies entertained.

Spike ball

Originally created in the 1980s, Spikeball has gained popularity over the past 10 years as a beloved beach game. It comes with a palm-sized rubber yellow ball and a miniature net that is shaped similar to a small trampoline. Its four-person limit makes it the perfect game for following CDC guidelines. Split into two teams, hit the ball, and may the best roomies win!

Waterproof Cards

Bringing normal face cards to the beach sounds like a nightmare. Any wet sand or water drops would surely damage the cardstock. If you have a love for card games but don’t want to buy a new set every time you visit the beach, consider buying a waterproof deck.

These cards are made out of plastic, making them easy to clean. No more worrying about spilling food on them or having the water from your hair drip down. The best part is that you can sanitize them after each use!

Nighttime Bocce Ball

There are few games that can be played at night, and glow in the dark bocce ball is one of them. The game comes with eight large balls and one small ball. To play, one person throws the smaller ball anywhere he or she desires. Then, the other people (who are broken into teams), throw the larger balls as close as they can to the small ball. Whichever team is closest wins!

Good Ol’ Frisbee

Sometimes the simple beach games are the most fun. If you want to do some physical activity while at the beach, consider packing a frisbee. Running up and down the sand under the summer sun will be sure to make you break a sweat! For our more adventurous residents, here are 15 frisbee games to consider.

If you’re looking for some beach games with your roomies, play one of the games above! All of them can be ordered on Amazon or elsewhere online. As always, drink lots of water, wear plenty of sunscreen, and keep your distance from those who aren’t from the same household.